What's New

Our MapleRead app family has 3 members, namely SE, CE and CX, where SE is the flagship product.

MapleRead 5.4.1 (R2024.03.14)

MapleRead 5.4 (R2024.03.11)

MapleRead 5.3.1 (R2024.02.15)

MapleRead 5.3 (R2024.01.25)

MapleRead 5.2.1 (R2024.01.04)

MapleRead 5.2 (R2023.12.18)

MapleRead 5.1 (R2023.12.14)

MapleRead 5.0.2 (R2023.10.27)

MapleRead 5.0.1 (R2023.10.03)

MapleRead 5.0 (R2023.09.23)

This is a major release with many new features:

MapleRead 4.9 (R2023.09.01)

MapleRead 4.8.3 (R2023.08.01)

MapleRead 4.8.1 (R2023.05.18)

MapleRead 4.8 (R2023.02.04)

MapleRead 4.7.1 (R2022.12.23)

MapleRead 4.7 (R2022.12.21)

MapleRead 4.6 (R2022.11.16)

MapleRead 4.5 (R2022.08.27)

MapleRead 4.4 (R2022.08.21)

MapleRead 4.3 (R2022.05.03)

MapleRead 4.2 (R2021.12.15)

MapleRead 4.1 (R2021.09.20)

MapleRead 4.0 (R2021.06.11)

MapleRead 3.7.3 (R2021.05.31)

MapleRead 3.7.2 (R2021.05.15)

MapleRead 3.7.1 (R2021.05.12)

MapleRead 3.7 (R2021.03.16)

MapleRead 3.6 (R2020.11.25)

MapleRead 3.5.2 (R2020.08.28)

MapleRead 3.5.1 (R2020.08.18)

MapleRead 3.5 (R2020.08.13)

MapleRead 3.4 (R2020.05.02)

MapleRead 3.3 (R2020.03.17)

MapleRead 3.2.2 (R2020.03.10)

MapleRead 3.2.1 (R2019.10.15)

MapleRead 3.2 (R2019.09.14)

MapleRead 3.1.1 (R2019.08.26)

MapleRead 3.1 (R2019.07.30)

MapleRead 3.0.5 (R2019.03.08)

MapleRead 3.0.4 (R2019.02.01)

MapleRead 3.0.3 (R2019.01.10)

MapleRead 3.0.2 (R2019.01.03)

MapleRead 3.0.1 (R2018.11.20)

MapleRead 3.0 (2018.11.01)

This is a major release, especially for MapleRead SE, with many new features:

MapleRead 2.1.1 (R2018.07.10)

MapleRead 2.1 (R2018.06.17)

MapleRead 2.0 (R2018.03.28)

This is a major release especially for MapleRead SE.

MapleRead 1.7.3 (R2018.02.05)

MapleRead 1.7.2 (R2017.12.30)

MapleRead 1.7.1 (R2017.08.12)

MapleRead 1.7 (R2017.06.07)

MapleRead 1.6.6 (R2017.03.07)

MapleRead 1.6.5 (R2017.02.24)

MapleRead 1.6.4 (R2017.02.02)

MapleRead 1.6.3 (R2017.01.06)

MapleRead 1.6.2 (R2016.12.22)

MapleRead 1.6.1 (R2016.11.22)

MapleRead 1.6 (R2016.10.20)

This is a major release with much improved sync capabilities and a simplified UI. Other changes include:

MapleRead 1.5.1 (R2016.08.02)

MapleRead 1.5 (R2016.07.07)

This is a major release with many new features and enhancements across iPad and iPhone models.

BookMaster 1.4.1 (R2016.05.18)

BookMaster 1.4 (R2016.04.06)

This is a major release laying the groundwork for future sync services via our own secure cloud service. Other changes include:

BookMaster 1.3 (R2016.01.29)

BookMaster 1.2.5 (R2015.12.21)

BookMaster 1.2.2 (R2015.10.25)

BookMaster 1.2.1 (R2015.01.30)

BookMaster 1.2 (R2015.01.08)

BookMaster 1.1 (R2014.12.03)

BookMaster 1.0.1 (R2014.10.20)

BookMaster 1.0 (R2014.05.28)

† SE and CE were first introduced for iPad in May 2014, while CX, the iPhone equivalence of CE, was first introduced as version 1.5 in July 2016. Since version 1.5, MapleRead was renamed from BookMaster. Since version 2.0, MapleRead SE has become a universal app. Since version 3.0, MapleRead CE and MapleRead CX have become universal apps.

†† Since version 3.0, MapleRead CX has become a demo app with some limitation, but CX with pre-3.0 in-app purchase of “Pro Upgrade” will continue to function like CE on iPhone and iPad.